Facebook won't add a Dislike button in near future

Facebook won’t add a Dislike button in near future.

Recently, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg had made it clear in an interview. According to him, adding a “dislike” button will create a negative vibe inside Facebook. This can be used to demean or insult users. Why does Mr. Zuckerberg think so? Why not add a simple dislike button on Facebook?

Is he making a simple thing too complicated? Now, see both sides of this story.

There has been demand from Facebook users for many years to add a dislike button on Facebook. And, Facebook has turned it down straight away from beginning. What is the big deal?

We are used to liking the status updates or light moments of our friends they share with us. Clicking on “like” button amounts to our approval of their views or our appreciation of their happiness. When someone posts a picture of his newborn baby, we like it immediately. By doing this, we convey him our emotions and in that way make him/her feel good. It’s so simple, isn’t it?

Limitations of a Like button

Now, take another case, my mom is very unwell and I post a picture of her with a message “feeling sad about my Mom, she is not well these days”. You agree with me and want to convey your sympathy to me. Will you click the “Like” button? Obviously, not. Imagine a button named hug for example, that you can click to show your sympathy to me.

One more example – My friend XXX shared a Facebook post yesterday that said “America is the most racist country in the world”. I strongly disagree with this type of cynical statement. I don’t want to like this post; instead, I like to show a strong disagreement with this. With current Facebook settings and options, I don’t have any way to dislike this post. Either, I will have to ignore this post or, will have to type in my disapproval with proper arguments. Not everyone is comfortable in writing long political speeches.

This dilemma can be tackled with a simple “DISLIKE” button. We have all the right to dislike a view or theory, we are not subscribed to. After all, the sole purpose of Mark Zuckerberg to start Facebook was to share our views with our friends and the world. Why are we allowed to share our likes only and not our dislikes?

Problems caused by a Dislike button

Facebook won't add a Dislike button in near future

If we look at the other side, the “Dislike” button can be very demeaning too.
Why Facebook won’t add a Dislike button?

Here we are considering that people will genuinely like or dislike your views. What if, they start doing the opposite intentionally? You posted a picture of your newborn baby and hit by 20 dislikes. There can’t be any insulting or disheartening moment more than this. If someone does not like your idea of being a father of a wonderful daughter, he has no rights to express it publicly. Now, you get furious. Next time, the same friend-turned-foe posted his newborn baby’s or new bride’s snap. It’s your turn now; you hit him with a “DISLIKE” immediately. Before you understand, a vicious cycle of hate and dislikes started.


I agree with Mr. Zuckerberg that Facebook dislikes can be used to spread negative vibes among people. “If you cannot like a thing, do not dislike, at least”. This is the motto of Facebook.
I strongly agree with this opinion. Facebook ecosystem is filled with thousands of counter views. If I am not approved of an idea or view, I don’t like it simply.


A person on Facebook, try to get as much as likes as possible to prove that his idea/view is correct. The Facebook system counts only Likes and not dislikes. Introducing a dislike button to a post may reverse the scenario. You will start disliking a post you are not comfortable with. Posts with counter views or political opinions will be barraged with the dislikes. I will dislike posts patronising America; you will dislike posts adoring Russia. A wave of dislikes will start. Your view got more dislikes, you lose. My views got less dislike, I won.

Facebook won't add a Dislike button in near future

Isn’t it the same situation, Mark Zuckerberg is afraid of? Adding a dislike button may spoil completely the idea of a positive Facebook world. Negative vibes may supersede positive vibes.
I think, adding a “Dislike” button will be a bad idea. Instead, Facebook should add something that is not as strong in negation as a dislike. A word that will just express your disapproval, nothing more than that.

A button called “ignore” may work, where a reader will express his disagreement by clicking on ignore. This will send a message to the person posting the view that the reader doesn’t like his idea. At the same time, the number of “Ignore”s will not be visible publicly on the post, as in the case of a “like”.

Up to Mark Zuckerberg now. Waiting for his next move. Readers, what do you think of this?
Feel free to share your views.

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