I am an avid song lover. Listening to old songs on internet is my all-time favourite pastime. You have millions of songs available on the internet to listen to. However, you need a high speed, consistent and unlimited internet connection to enjoy online songs. It takes enormous bandwidth to play songs continuously. Wouldn’t be it a wise decision to install a streaming audio recorder and record all your songs and listen them offline? But, question is  – How to capture streaming audio from internet

You can capture all your songs on your hard disk. You can listen to them again and again without being connected to internet. I used to do the same for a long time.

There are plenty of tools available on the internet. I have tried a few tools last week, but sadly, most of those were either not up to the mark or very heavy on resources.

Finally, my research paid off. I found two excellent tools to record online audio, which are worth sharing with you.

How to capture streaming audio from the internet


Streamosaur is a software for recording streaming music from internet. It will capture any sound coming from your sound card and microphone. It’s a zero configuration tool. Start playing your favorite site and then run Streamosaur. That’s all you need to do. Only thing you have to configure is storage location where you songs will be stored. You can save your output in WAV as well as MP3 format; however, we need to have MP3 encoder installed to save it in that format.

Most significant feature of Streamosaur is its low weight. It’s a exe file, not a full fledge software. It is very low on hardware resources. You have to run it every time you want to capture streaming audio.

Output quality is pretty equal to the original sound quality. There is no deterioration in output sound quality.

How to capture streaming audio from internet

Download location


Screamer is another tool to capture online audio. Not as good as Streamosaur but, far better than other useless craps on the internet.

This one comes with a full-fledged installer. You need to install the software first to record audio. Interface is pretty simple. Screamer comes with a loads of preset radio stations worldwide. I found it very interesting. Lots of stations are from India and US which are my favorite.

Screamer comes with various setting and configuration. If you are my type of research geek, you can tweak some of those settings and check how it changes the output.

If your output file has no audio. Check your audio setting in your laptop and select right recording device.

How to capture streaming audio from internet

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Internet is filled with thousands of such tools. If you have better suggestions, please add it here.

Waiting for your feedback.

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