How to check your mobile signal strength?

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  1. Bharat Verma says:

    Hi, Is there any device or meter or may be on phone from where I can check the signals strength of all available service providers in a particular area? Most the apps I encounter shows me the signal strength of my service provider (SIM in my phone). However I want to see the network strength of all service providers in area where I am travelling or sitting etc.

    • No, technically there can’t be. Until you have the SIM card, you can’t check signal strength. Once you have the SIM card from a specific provider, your phone detects the signal and starts processing. Any signal checking APP uses that data to analyze signal strength. So, with a Vodafone SIM you can’t check signal strength of Airtel.

  2. yes, it is possible to check the signal strength of all available service providers in a particular area but there are 2 things to take into account:

    1) you need a SIM of a mobile operator from abroad that has roaming agreements with the operators that cover your area.
    2) when your phone is attached to a mobile operator you will see the signal level and parameters for this one. Then you will have to go to settings and force your mobile phone to connect to another operator to check its signal level and so on.

    This app :

    If you are interested, in the website you can post-process the data or and see it in google maps:

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