How to reach next level in Google local guide

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  1. Deepankar Saleel says:

    That is all Ok. will I get any benefit out of it? or I am just wasting my time

  2. Shishir says:

    I got your point that by providing information about new area, places will help people to find out nearby locations as per their requirements but my point is that if i get 5k or 10k points how it would be helpful in my personal life, can i earn money through this or can i redeem my points and converts it into cash or how can i earn money through this?

    • No. Now it’s not possible. Earlier Google used to offer unexpected gifts however it is on hold now. Last month I got 20% discount on redbud. In June, I received 100GB of free space on google drive . So, Google gas no fixed plan for this. But, one thing you should jeep in mind that the Google map contribution is purely a voluntary work.

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